Drive impressions, clicks, leads, conversions and more. The easiest and most scalable way to bring users into your website is by purchasing traffic from vendors such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Determining what source is best suited to your needs can be a daunting task whether it be to convert sales from micro-targeted audience segments or something as simple as a general awareness and branding campaign.

There are several avenues with which you ca place your ads before even getting into the specific platforms and then setting up your targeting parameters. Ad Ops House will help you navigate this landscape to determine which mix of online ads is best suited for your campaign.

SEM – The use of search engines is ubiquitous in daily life as customers regularly utilize them to find quick information on products or services they are interested in. Having your text ad, banner or video featured for the right query is largely dependent on the keywords and audience segments you target. Ad Ops House has over 12 years of expertise in this field and has the know how to deliver a successful campaign down to an art.

Display Marketing – Whether it be text, images, videos or popup ads, we can effectively deliver any type of ad you need to get your message out to the right person in the right market using our extensive toolkit of technology, channels, and platforms.

Native Advertising – Similar to display, native ads are the advertorial of online content, to borrow a term from traditional marketing. These type of ads have proven more effective than traditional banner ads as they integrate into the content and present a more natural feel than overt advertising messaging. The most common examples are sponsored content you’ll find within the newsfeeds of social media platforms.

Retargeting – Lost visitors are not necessarily a missed opportunity. With retargeting (also known as remarketing) you can effectively target users who have left your site during a previous session and bring them back into the fold with customized messaging designed to pique their interest.